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Forgotten Bikes™ products have different periods of warranty depending on the product. Frames, Forks and Bars; Six months after date of purchase. These products are made of tubes and welds that have been manufactured and proved to stand at least one year even with hard riding use.


This warranty will not be effective if the product is damaged due to wrong use, damaged on purpose or not riding. This warranty does not cover damages like dent tubes, bent stuff, damaged bearings and stripped threads. Even though we use great materials and heat treated products, dent tubes, bent tubes and damaged bearings can still happen with very hard use.

We test threads to never fail under normal circumstances; as long as they are installed and tightened correctly they shouldn't strip. This warranty is not covered if a qualified mechanic has not built the bike, Also if the bike is altered more then 30% of it original parts & specifications the warranty is void as we deem that the bike is intended for use above & beyond its intended level of ability. This warranty will not be valid if the product has been under modifications like welding, cut tubes, etc.


This warranty does not cover already warrantied products. This warranty only covers the original purchaser. That's why we need the receipt of purchase with your name on it. If something happens to any parts under the conditions above, you have to bring or send the product and original receipt to the shop where you purchased it. As soon as the shop receives the product, they will get in touch with our local distributor to get the replacement part for you as soon as possible.


If you have any problems during this procedure email us

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